St Egon and Baronial Investiture

16-18 February 2018

Gotvik welcomes the spring each spring to celebrate, in a solemn and worthy manner, how Saint Egon unselfishly and noble offers to protect our shining fields from sunbathers and malicious peasants.
Look forward to a festive celebration without the same, anything from music and song to good food and exciting stories about Saint Egon’s great council.


Site: http://www.ravlandaforeningsgard.se/

The site opens at 18:00 on Friday and closes at 12:00 on Sundays.

The whole weekend 350 SEK
Day pass Saturday 275 SEK
Young people (10-16 years) whole weekend: 250 SEK
Young people (10-16 years) day pass: 150 SEK
Children (0-9 years) free of charge

Chief autocrat: Lady Alfhild de Foxley
Höjdhopparegången 8, 41839 Gothenburg
+46 (0) 70-303 82 95

Feastocrat: Aleydis van Vilvorde

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